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2018 Trends Brief

Cultural shifts the 2018 Trends Brief will emerge or continue to shape our behaviors, capture our aspirations and impact industries across culture. These trends represent some of the most important influences in the coming year ahead. Our research took us on a roller-coaster journey where polarization, accelerating technological advancement, and evolving social.

Analyze Your Social Media Activities With Excel

If you don’t have the budget for expensive software, spreadsheets and a little of your time can produce some useful data. In this article I share with small businesses how to analyze the engagement and impact of your social media posts using Excel.

25 Social Media ROI Tips From the Pros

For most businesses, being able to substantiate the allocation of resources into social media is a necessity. But it’s not always easy. Cindy King asked 25 online marketing pros to share their best ROI tips. I contributed #23.