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Merlin U Ward is an accomplished business manager & system optimization specialist.

Merlin U Ward comes from an entrepreneurial background. After successfully launching his first business at eighteen he found his knack for business process and marketing. He adopted the philosophy “marketing is a part of everything,” where marketing is approached as part of every business process from product development to accounts receivable. In the recent years, Merlin has applied this philosophy to B2B and B2C brands to drive strategic marketing initiatives through email, digital advertising, direct response, and social media, and strategy.

After running a successful consultancy in Arizona for two years, Merlin moved to New York to pursue a strategic role working with Fortune 500 companies. As a strategist he applied and enhanced processes for implementing, tracking, improving a companies’ social media presences, and published his first book. “You Get What You Give” is a ground floor take on social media principles and strategies for companies and brands of all sizes. It outlines internal policy, metrics, and five strategies to make a brand successful online.

For the last 4 years Merlin has been working as the face of a cultural consultancy, executing daily, company-wide work sessions pulling insights from discussions with some of the smartest minds in the industry. He manages a global team of scouts to identify trends across all industries in every corner of the world, and oversees the proprietary taxonomy used by the consultancy to build business transformation frameworks and marketing insights.

Merlin also works as the head brewer of Wartega – a family brewery he and his wife, Mimi, started. Together they run production of both beer, and barrel aged coffee. In his free time Merlin pursues his passion for beer and brews his own crafts.



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